Ohio USA Gymnastics


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NAWGJ Library- purchase merchandise and educational items


Uniform- order your NAWGJ official uniform Visit the store here.

Fee Sheets for Meet Referees

JO Resources

2010-2021 Rules and Policies- this is a critical resource for all meet referees and judges to ensure we are applying the rules correctly


Errata Updates- stay up to date on all changes to compulsory and optional rules for each new season


Xcel Updates- print revised pages for the code of points


USOC Safe Sport Course- no fee at this time all professional members encouraged to complete, will be required at some point


JO Committee Minutes- May 2019- these clarify rules and decisions for the upcoming season


Concussion Fact Sheet- all professional members have to go through concussion certification, please see the concussion course in the OHSAA section to complete


OHSAA Resources


OHSAA-  this site will have an updated manual for the 2017-2018 season, cheat sheets for each event, bonus sheets, and rule clarifications


Concussion Course- all OHSAA officials are required to complete this course- no fee


OHSAA membership expires annually on June 30th, mark your calendars!




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