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Co- State Judging Director- Kathleen Edwards & Tina Snyder

We are the NAWGJ Ohio Co SJD's. We are in charge of the direction of the education of our judges in the State of Ohio.

Immediate Past SJD- Lori Powers Basigner

Assigning Team- Christina Andres

Assigning Team- Jody Borda

Assigning Team- Barb Giulivo

Assigning Team- Kelli Kopp

Assigning Team- Barb Wright

Continuing Education- Sue Kane

New Judge Education Coordinator- Kathleen McIntire

I coordinate all new judges and potential judges and help with study sessions and clinics. I assist the SJDs with testing if necessary.


Website- Trisha Sefakis

As the Website Coordinator, I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the website and our facebook page. I also work with the SJD and Education to get new info and updates to our membership

Judges Cup Coordinator- Katie Smigiel

I am a National rated judge from SW Ohio. I am responsible for all that goes into preparing and hosting our annual Judge's Cup.>

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Code of Ethics


 Under the NAWGJ Code of Professional Responsibility  


  • A judge should not solicit meets for herself/himself or for others

  • A judge should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the profession of judging women's gymnastics events

  • A judge should assist the Association in fulfilling its duty to make judges for women's gymnastics events available

  • A judge shall be completely unbiased

  • A judge should not give the appearance of any particular friendship with any coach or competitor

  • A judge should not become intimate with coaches or affiliates of teams or contestants whom (s)he may later be called upon to judge

  • A judge shall not use his/her position to endeavor to influence or attempt to influence anyone in any manner whatsoever or to obtain any special advantage for herself/himself by reasons of, or as consequence of, her/his being a judge 


View the entire USA Gymnastics Code of Ethical Conduct

Ethics matters need to be addressed with the Ohio SJDs-  Email